• Unique Colors

India has always been an epitome of rich culture and vibrant colors. Taking this inspiration forward we make sure to provide our consumers with a diverse mix of fabric colors to suit the fashion sense of every individual. With over 50 new colors introduced every season we ensure a Fashion First approach in order to be at par with the ever-changing apparel industry.

  • Reusable Packaging

Whether you are just starting out college desperately in need of a stationary pouch for your pens and pencils or hitting the gym looking for a protein shaker online, we got you covered. Surprised much? All credits to our creative team of in-house designers working towards bringing you the perfect packaging for our apparel. Reuse our packaging as a toiletry pouch, stationary box or a water bottle depending on the apparel that you buy to suit your requirements saving you that extra buck used otherwise.

  • Straight from Manufacturer

We take pride in being vertically integrated to deliver you the perfect quality apparel at the right price by cutting out any middlemen in the value chain. With over 25 years of rich and diverse experience in the areas of garment designing, manufacturing and distribution we make sure to deliver you with the perfect mix of quality and price by placing nominal margins on our product.