• Research & Procurement

We start our journey of garment making by researching on seasons and trends in order to satisfy future customer needs. Our Expert team of designers then curate designs, fabrics, accessories & colors. The next step will be safe procurement of cotton from A+ Grade Mills. We work with suppliers that are OKEO tex, ISO 9001 certified and WRAP audited to ensure safety while maintaining ethical standards. Our list of suppliers goes all the way from Vietnam, China, Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Mumbai and our origin place Tirupur- World's hub of sourcing 100% cotton fabric and hence quality must be the least of our customer’s concern.

  • Fabric Processing

We know that you’re obsessed with Quality fabrics—which is why we ensure that every roll we’re working with is free from any stains, holes, spirality, drop needle, bleeding, bowing issues and is curated with proper heat setting to match up to our very high standards.

  • Fabric cutting & Sewing

With Help of Advanced KM Automatic cutting machines, layer after layer of fabric is spread out across a long table, creating a stack that allows our expert team to cut multiple rolls of fabric at once. In addition, we use CAD software to get precise layout of patterns -think jigsaw puzzle-style so as to reduce fabric waste and improve efficiency.

Here’s where our amazing fabrics get turned into amazing pieces: Every one of our super-skilled sewers works on a single part of each garment (from attaching a collar to creating the bottom hem) providing seamless stitching. By the time it reaches the end of the line, the piece should be fully constructed. Working with only an experienced work force makes sure we adhere to strict AQL levels at the time of inspection therefore delivering the perfect apparel.

  • Garment Finishing and dispatch

In the final step of apparel manufacturing, our quality assurance team takes one last look at minute details like uncut loose threads, even ironing of across seams and critical errors like needle drop in the apparel. Moving on to packing your favorite clothing in one of our reusable packaging designed by a team of creative designers every season. Finally, we arrive at the final process where our ERP software helps in automating the dispatch of goods making it hassle free and time saving. Working closely towards making each process as efficient as possible leads us to achieve a 100% capacity utilization while avoiding wastage to a minimum thus delivering our apparel at the right price to our consumers.