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  • 10+ Things Girl finds Attractive in Indian Men|8 Min Read

    India has a bubbling number of about 2 billion people and that’s a LOT of diversity. And when it comes to men... let’s just say that there are too many and they are literally everywhere!

  • Top 5 Ways To Attract Girls In College | 3 Min Read

    “How do I make that girl talk to me? What will I talk to her about? What if she doesn’t like me? Does that girl even know I exist? How can I grab her attention?”

  • Top 5 Budget-Friendly Apparel Brands For Indian Men | 3 Min Read

    In the prevailing times, the world of fashion is limitless and one has access to hundreds of labels, both foreign and local, in real-time as well as virtual stores. 
  • Heart-break or heart-make? How to get over a breakup positively|8 Min Read

    Lying wide awake till the wee hours of morning, thinking where it all went wrong, overthinking, analyzing, smiling wistfully, crying and stocking up on sugary foods. Sound familiar?
  • The Ultimate Guide On How To Text Girls On Whatsapp | 3 Min Read

    In today’s world dating has become a common phenomenon with numerous developments from archaic times.
  • Pros And Cons Of A Keto Diet | 4 Min Read

    Much like orange is the new black, Keto might merely be the new fab. Medically, the diet was prescribed to children suffering from epilepsy to control the occurrence of seizures.
  • 15 Indian Dishes That Will Change Your Life | 6 Min Read

    India is not only a land of diverse cultures, traditions, and religious practices but also an embodiment of cuisines and delicacies. 


  • 10 Latest Fashion Trends Followed By Bollywood In 2020 | 4 Min Read

    With the COVID-19 lockdown possibly coming to an end, we are all excited to embrace our inner fashionistas and let our creativity explode into different hues and patterns. 
  • 10 Fashion Mistakes Girls Hate | 3 Min Read

    Do you ever wonder how to look flawless and slay every time you dress-up? Dressing elegantly doesn’t only attract girls but everyone around you helping you make a great impression on people without much effort.
  • 10 Beginner Mistakes In The Gym | 4 Min Read

    An ankle sprain, muscle pull, or severe knee pain- these are some instances of the difficulties one can face after the first day of working out. 
  • 5 Steps to secure your Dream Job | 3 Min Read

    Can you guess how much of your life is spent working? That's right. On average, almost 1/3rd part of your living is spent at work

  • 5 Tips To Keep You Motivated At The Gym | 3 Min Read

    Here are 5 self-help tips to keep you motivated on your mission to reach the ultimate destination.