Corporate Responsibility

100% Solar Powered Factory

We’re committed to leaving the world a better place. After considerable years spent towards experimenting renewable energy as an alternative to coal for electricity, we finally reached the conclusion. Our factory and warehouses in Tirupur utilize 40KWp power that is sourced from 100% Solar energy.

Recycling Cutting Waste

Research suggest that over 35% of all materials in the supply chain end up as waste before a garment reaches the consumer. In our efforts towards sustainability, we now reprocess cutting waste in order to form yarn that can be reused to make apparel forming a circular economy.

Certified Printing Factories

Working with Certified Printing units to ensure that the prints are Non-toxic and environment friendly allows us to make our products consumer friendly while providing them with safe and high-quality apparel.

Zero Water Discharge

Discharging chemically treated water from dying factories effect millions of lives every year. Moreover, the garment industry alone utilizes 79 billion cubic metrics of fresh water, that is, approximately 2% of total fresh water for daily use. Our commitment towards working with dyeing factories that are ZDHC (Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals) and reuse water after internally treating it ensures harmful effluents are not released in water bodies and fresh water is preserved.