"A reusable packaging that Isn't designed for multiple use purposes Isn't one actually!"


Prism Bottle

We at zulements believe in innovating with our packaging and as a result, we made a packaging that not only looks extremely good but is equally sturdy and can be used for multiple purposes like the stationery kit, washroom kit and splash-proof case among many.

Sipper bottle

We know that you love your protein shakes and juices and for that same reason we developed this reusable packaging. Waste and carbon reduction from less (single use) packaging production is a big part of our products overall.

Zipper Pouch

Afraid of getting your phone or other precious items getting wet in the rain or catching dust when you travel? We got you covered with our Zip pouches that are sleek, easy to carry anywhere and can handle most of the extreme weather conditions.

Sim Card 

We believe in Reducing the requirement for raw material in "new packaging manufacture"- as an outcome we look for new ways to innovate our packaging. Sim card box is one such example of uniqueness and the right choice for anything stationery or toiletries that you would want organise in a premium looking box.

Utility bottle

Reusable packaging – being more durable and robust also tends to offer better protection of the products or parts within. So with this bottle packaging, you get maximum durability offering various use cases right from a water bottle to a washroom kit.