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Much like orange is the new black, Keto might merely be the new fab. Medically, the diet was prescribed to children suffering from epilepsy to control the occurrence of seizures. With its deep-rooted science, many health and fitness enthusiasts have integrated it into their lifestyles to rapidly lose fat and stay fit. The diet is super-effective for weight-loss and can provide guaranteed results when done right.

Let us clear some of the most common misconceptions and enhance your understanding of the diet in this article.

What Is A Ketogenic Diet? 

The Ketogenic diet (aka, the Keto diet, not vice-versa)  is a high-fat, low-carb (really, really low) diet that is followed for a period of one to six months. It is called so because of the forced usage of ketones, chemicals that the liver produces from fat and pumps into the bloodstream for the body to use. Derived from the Atkins and other low-carb diets, this one is a remix. 

Following the diet would force your brain to focus on alternative sources of energy. Once the intake of carbs is significantly reduced, the body will use the residual glycogen from the body following which it will turn to all the high-fat foods that you consume during a ketogenic diet. Essentially, you get the energy and you burn those handles. WIN-WIN. 

If its high fat, why do I have to eat so much protein? 

Whatever it is that you hope to achieve with the Keto diet, loss of muscle surely cannot be the desired result now, can it? The protein content in your diet helps you keep your muscles. While the body is busy switching from the glycogens to the ketones, the chances in the reduction of muscle mass are high. Which means that you shouldn’t skip on that juicy chicken breast. Or that fish fillet. Or that slab of steak. You get it.

Talk to me about the good stuff.

 Getting right to it. Going down the Keto road has a whole lot of benefits:

  1. Effective Diet: One of the most effective and superlative ways to shed fat.
  1. Rapid Weight Loss: Restricting yourself on those carbs will induce rapid weight loss in the first couple of weeks itself.

  1. Less Gorging: Reduced appetite over time, ensuring less binging and a higher probability of losing those love handles. 
  1. Reduction of Fat: Being on the low-carb diet will significantly reduce the number of fat molecules in your bloodstream.

  1. Right Cholesterol: The Keto is a great way to keep your HDL (good cholesterol) high in ratio with the not so great, LDL (low cholesterol) counterpart in check.
  1. Improved Mental Health: It improves your brain health. Beauty with the brains. 
  1. Long Term Impact: Post the diet, your body would have learned to break down the fats along with your carbs, thereby, keeping you looking sharp and amazing even once you’ve stopped climbing the Keto hill. 

 What about the bad stuff? Surely everything has its list of cons.

  1. Constipation: Constipation is a given if you aren't doing it right.
  1. Muscles Loss: You cannot expect muscle gain while on this diet. However, you can expect muscle loss. Make sure you aren’t skipping on your proteins. 
  1. Weakness: The first couple of weeks will be a harrowing experience while you’re on the Keto path and will make you feel weak. Don't stress yourself out by keeping up with the same workout routine. Reduce the sets and the reps. 

  1. Irritable bowel: Your gut bacteria might not like your being on that new diet plan. Deprive them of the required carbohydrates and your body is likely going to react unfavorably.
  1. Flu: Keto flu is real. Your body is going to go through a lot. You might feel nauseous and have the occasional headache. Much like all difficult things, you should brave through your chosen path. 

“I can’t possibly go wrong with cheese! This diet will be a breeze.” 

Doing it right simply means that you don’t take the easy road. Processed cheese is NOT a part of the diet. Dairy products have a lot of carbs along with their high-fat content.

Almost all types of high fat and low carb diets call for 5% carbs only. One cannot waste that minimal elbow room on carrots, fruits, nuts, and cheese. Instead include high fiber carbs like lettuce and leafy greens to give your metabolism a nudge. 

I am a vegetarian. Can I climb the Keto hill?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to climb the Keto mountain. Vegetarians aren’t spoilt for choice, unlike their non-vegetarian equivalents. Adhering to the diet will be a daunting task, but surely not impossible. Eat a lot of malai tofu & paneer.

With this insight into the workings of a Keto diet, decide to take it or leave it today. Do not forget to consult experts, ensure that you do not have any medical conditions, and persevere through the strenuous first weeks!

Have you taken up the Keto diet recently? We'd love to hear about your experiences and would more than welcome some advice for the rookies in the comments below!



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