Top 5 Ways To Attract Girls In College | 3 Min Read

“How do I make that girl talk to me? What will I talk to her about? What if she doesn’t like me? Does that girl even know I exist? How can I grab her attention?”

This never-ending train of thought has been experienced by every Indian college going guy at least once in their lifetime. While some cast away the initial jitters and get the girl, others are perpetually stuck in the conundrum, cursing Bollywood for giving them unrealistic expectations.

While dating works quite straightforwardly in the western world, the concept is much more complicated in India. If you try to ask out a random girl, you would probably be hit by an Rs.1000 chappal on your face. You have to first build a rapport, get her attracted, and then pop the question! So let’s hold on to our saddles and discuss the best way to attract a college girl in our country.

  1. Basic Etiquette

Translated to ‘behave like a gentleman’. Drop your baller act and too-cool attitude.

Going down the memory lane, remember the first time you were introduced to the three magic words- please, thank you, sorry, excuse me.

Brush up your skills to include these words in conversation thereby displaying your gentlemanly nature. Do not underestimate the power of chivalrous gestures like holding the door, helping her to her seat at the table, being punctual, and conversing politely.

  1. Table Mannerisms

Shame on you if you are wondering what table manners could mean! According to popular belief, girls are way more mannered at the table than guys. You wonder why? Of course due to their eating civilities!

Guys tend to chew with their mouths open, make a mishmash on their plates, spill food and sometimes, burp loudly as well. Any girl would find this revolting if not unpleasant, at the very least.

Ask a friend or do your research, make sure you are well equipped with the best table manners.

Even if worse comes to worst, avoid the aforementioned actions at all costs!

  1. Down to Earth

What’s the difference between an arrogant well-to-do spoiled brat and an ingenuous middle-class guy? The answer is right there in the adjectives.

To build a genuine relationship, all a girl looks for is a down-to-earth gentleman. Agreed, a rich punk might attract dozens of girls, but most of them will be gone as soon as the money vanishes. Nobody likes a show-off. Don’t try to flaunt your wealth or looks, rather play it cool, you fool. Girls appreciate that! 

  1. Be a good conversationalist

Girls love talking to people who listen and respond well. Although you might not like indulging in hours-long conversations but aren't compromises the part and parcel of every relationship? Conversations help to discover, understand, and know one another whilst resolving issues at the root itself. Be a good converser and an even better listener!

  1. Dress To Impress

You might be wondering why this point features on the list. A characteristic associated mostly with girls, dressing well is equally important for guys as well! 

While it might be true that girls are obsessed with clothes, in hindsight, this means they care a lot about what you wear as well. Ha! I bet you didn’t know that!

Therefore, take a little more effort to update your wardrobe, be aware of the latest fashion trends, and wear something subtle, neat, yet stands out. After all, good clothes open all doors!


Prepare a mental checklist and count how many can be ticked off the list. If you score a perfect 5, you, my friend are on the right track! Falling somewhere between 3 and 4? Not bad. Just work a little harder! In case your score is below 3, it is high time for you to shape your personality and put your best foot forward!

Share your experiences of asking out girls in college. Did our tips do wonders for you or did they backfire? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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