Top 5 Budget-Friendly Apparel Brands For Indian Men | 3 Min Read

In the prevailing times, the world of fashion is limitless and one has access to hundreds of labels, both foreign and local, in real-time as well as virtual stores. There's a common conception that men and shopping are two extremes of a single spectrum. If this is true in your case, you must be annoyed with the growing number of brands available as it tends to make shopping all the more tedious.

Online platforms and shopping malls are powerhouses packed with these brands and no doubt you are confused about which one to settle for - whether to stick with the classic names or experiment with new and exciting styles?

Our expert advice is to step out of your comfort of Pumas and Nikes and add a splash of color and eccentric vogue to your wardrobe! Here is a list of brands that are pocket-friendly, stylish, and of high caliber - go ahead and check them out sans any regrets!

  1. Redwolf

(Price Range: Rs. 499 - 599 - Great prices right!)

Redwolf is a novel brand that is gaining popularity amongst the youth. You most definitely would have come across this brand via their widespread promos whilst flipping through the Instagram stories or when you curiously questioned a friend regarding the whereabouts of his funky Game of Thrones t-shirt.

This brand is primarily focused on t-shirt branding with a great collection of fandom material. One can get exciting tees regarding your favourite TV shows, movies, characters, sports, and other pop culture trends on this platform.

  1. Fighting Fame

(Price Range: Rs. 999 - 1999)

If you are a fan of the quirky and out-of-the-box style, Fighting Fame is the perfect destination for you! From gully slang to famous slogans and symbols, the brand is well-known for its unique designs, vigorous colours, and made for each other combinations. Their products are desi - inspired and are designed exclusively for the cool Indian guy.

In simple words, if your style resonates with Ranveer Singh's fashion sense, this brand is your dream come true!

P.S.: They have discounts throughout the year and you can pick from their collection for as low as Rs. 599!

  1. Zulements

(Price Range: Rs. 299 - 699)

Zulements is an Indian home-grown brand intending to make your clothes speak for themselves. After all, the first impression is the last impression and what better way to stand out than by wearing these defining clothes. You can find their remarkably comfortable fabrics across the country in big chains like Shoppers Stop and Big Bazaar as well as on online portals. They constantly update their product ranges and keep up with the latest trends.

  1. Andamen

(Price Range: Rs. 2290 - 4490)

Do not lose heart by just looking at the price range. The brand offers good discounts of up to 40% all year round!

That girl you like is not going to reciprocate if you keep dressing in the same old black and white clothes. Time to add some vibrancy to your wardrobe and dress to impress with t-shirts from Andamen.

Though this might be the costliest brand on the list, their unique patterns and offbeat style completely justifies the slightly pricier collection. Rest assured you will look classy and sophisticated every time you don their products!

  1. Max Fashion

(Price Range: Rs. 299 - 1299)

I am pretty sure everyone has at least one piece of Max’s clothing in their wardrobe. With its wide user base, the brand needs no further explanation. No matter how many labels you try, you will find yourself coming back to Max due to their great quality products, which never disappoint, and competitive prices!

Why should you budget shop?

Most of us are made to believe that a great dressing sense translates to expensive clothing with huge logos on boring solid colors. Castaway that belief and turn to budget shopping.

Budget shopping is a great way to enhance your wardrobe as you can invest in more clothing for the same amount of money. Unlike the friend who shows up every day in the same Calvin Klein Jeans, you can up your fashion game with new combinations, styles, colors, and patterns. Is a single pair of fancy CK jeans worth the 10k or would you rather keep up with the latest fashion trends with a wide range of cool tees? The ball is in your court!

Let us know about your experiences with these brands, both good and bad in the comments below. Moreover, do not hesitate to give us your feedback regarding the best budget T-shirt brands you have come across but are not a part of this curative list!


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