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In today’s world dating has become a common phenomenon with numerous developments from archaic times. While some are looking for a long term relationship, others are interested in a casual one.

Honestly speaking, no matter which category you fall under, at the inception of every relationship texting plays a significant role. 24X7 virtual conversations can start or end your romantic journey. This article will come in very handy for all those guys trying to win a girl over by communicating over messaging platforms like Whatsapp. Let the guidance begin!

  1. Creating a vibe always helps.

What are vibes, you ask? Vibes are the feeling you get from being in a particular place/situation or the presence of a specific person.

The fate of your texting depends a lot on the girl's views about you, your sense of humor, thought processes, and energy. If a girl knows you personally and is aware of your vibes, the chatting games become much easier. To not be typecast as a cheap guy, we will advise you to set up a real vibe prior to the online mingling.

  1. How to start chatting with a girl?

It is a known fact that the first impressions which individuals give to others can greatly influence how they are treated and viewed in innumerable contexts of everyday life. To not ruin it, here is our expert advice.

Before starting a conversation there are two possible scenarios:

Scenario-01: You know the girl, got the number directly from her (Kudos for following Tip-1!)

Commencing the conversation will be a lot smoother due to the familiarity.

Scenario-02: You do not know the girl personally and got her number from a Whatsapp group.

In case you are shy to initiate the vibe, what you need is an ice-breaker. Build a vibe, find some common topics, or discuss work-related happenings. Though tougher than the cardinal circumstance, you can still vibe together with some perseverance.

  1. Be an absolute gentleman.

Believe you me, if given a choice a  girl will always prefer a gentleman over any other guy. Avoid passing lewd comments or texting like a creep. It is extremely annoying for any woman to entertain a man who lacks basic manners and communication skills. Start with a simple "Hello", and pick it up further by discerning her response. Be polite and don’t just profess your love in the very first conversation, unless you want to end up in the block list!

  1. Timing

This is a tricky track to walk. Do not text her every day, unless you want to be tagged as clingy. Maintain the right balance between the type and frequency (a gap of 2-3 days works just right) of response. Look for the red flags, for instance, monosyllabic answers, end of conversation statements, et all. Right timing is the key to avoid getting friend-zoned.

  1. E^2 (Emoticons and Exclamations)

Once you get somewhat familiar with each other and your chatting game has become subtle, emoticons will help you strengthen it further. Express yourself using these animated characters. This will help you connect with her at a personal level and catalyze growth in your relationship. 

Similarly, use lesser punctuations (full stops, exclamations) to establish a casual and fun rapport instead of a formal or impatient one.


Even after following our tips to the T, does the girl not seem interested?

Don't get disheartened, my friend. A girl's rejection isn't always an indication of her dislike towards you. Moreover, there is no dearth of love in current times. Try and try till you succeed. Keep upping your texting game by following our expert tips and you will surely catch that perfect fish in the ocean!


Are there any items on the list that you don’t agree with, or have a unique experience to share? Tell us all about it in the comments section below. Until then, keep texting!


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