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More often than not, movies are inspired and are a representation of actual life. They transpire us to a disparate tangent while conveying a distinct message to every individual. We all have our favorite movies, and our connection to them is extremely authentic and intimate. However, some movies strike a chord in everyone’s hearts and leave a lasting impression. Many-a-times, they compel us to question ourselves whilst providing us with answers that leave us mesmerized. Here is a list of 5 such captivating movies bound to keep you thinking long after they have ended.

  1. Rockstar

Rockstar is a film that sets a perfect example of poetry in motion with every single frame well-set with loopholes. The quadruplet of Irshad Kamil (lyricist), A. R. Rahman (music composer), Imtiaz Ali (director), and the phenomenal Ranbir Kapoor (lead actor) are the key ingredients of the movie. There is a degree of humanity in the film that speaks leaps and bounds about the most humane things – faith, love, and loss. One will surely lose their senses while listening to the soul-rendering music of the movie. The rebellious nature, breaking the stereotypical norms, following your passion, there is an endless list of themes touched upon by the movie. You better watch it for yourself and let yourself loose in its delirium.

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IMDB – 7.7

  1. Dear Zindagi

Here is a movie thanking life for being beautiful even on gloomy days. Alia Bhatt, as the protagonist Kaira, is the depiction of every person who feels too much but can express too little. Good times always go hand-in-hand with bad moments. The movie conveys a paramount message of living a life of acceptance and forgiveness instead of looking for reasons or people to blame. We, humans, tend to ignore our mental health in the name of the society, but the movie raises its voice against this stigma in the most astonishing way possible.

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IMDB – 7.6

  1. Wake Up Sid

It's said that you have to wake up to fulfill your dreams, and this movie exhibited that beautifully. You could relate to Sid regardless of your age because, at some point in their lives, every person faces this dilemma. End of college acts as a reality check enabling the person to grow up expeditiously and understand the meaning of life and the importance of responsibility. Konkona Sen, as Aisha, is a resplendent companion to Ranbir Kapoor's Sid, making the film a delightful watch. Additionally, the soulful rendition of Iktara is bound to leave you awestruck.

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IMDB – 7.6

  1. Tamasha

Some movies are lessons in disguise, and Tamasha is one of them. The story revolves around Ved (Ranbir Kapoor), an ordinary 19-year-old adolescent trying to figure out the meaning of life, unfolding the chaos and wrapping his mind around the stereotypical conventions of the society. With the companionship of Tara, an alter ego to the male protagonist, the movie questions the constant expectation from every individual to conform to society and lose oneself to feel accepted. Tara & Ved are two sides of the same coin that coalesce to finish the puzzle of life together. To solve this mysterious maze, you have to watch the movie and enjoy the pure bliss of the background score, Agar tum saath ho.

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IMDB – 7.3

  1. Dil Chahta Hai

This coming-of-age drama is a piece of art that left an impression on an entire generation. Even after 19 years of its release, it is still fresh to watch due to its easily relatable topic and appealing depiction. Conveying multiple messages, the movie teaches one the importance of relationships, besides those of romantic nature, the crazy joy-ride of real friendship and the significance of creating absurd memories to dwell and laugh about long after they have faded away. The movie depicted the fact that love has no age-barrier and distance does not diminish the bond of friendship. The film also urges one to just get in the car and make that Goa trip happen! Watch this gem of a movie to comprehend the legitimate essence of love and friendship in a nutshell.  

Make the most of your quarantine and learn a thing or two by binge-watching these soulful movies. Every time you watch these films, they are sure to leave you with a more profound and sweeter impression, evoking you to celebrate life every day!  

Let us know which movie you loved the most and what makes it so special for you? Also, tell us about some of your favorite movies that could be added to this incredible list!

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IMDB – 8.1





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