5 Indian Youtubers to follow

In a day and age where all of us are constantly rushing towards the next best thing, it would only make sense to decentralize lifestyle, fitness, and entertainment. Surely hunky men are working out at home, an aspiring model is putting together an outfit for a dinner date or an introverted teenager is wondering how to impress the girl next door. 

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Are you also passionate about a particular activity but feel the need for guidance from a professional in the field or a self-help guru? Not to worry. Without investing an ounce of money or sparing a limb, all you have to do is use the powers of social media to your advantage! While listening to your favorite music on Youtube, take some time out to subscribe to these 5 Indian Youtubers who could change the way you perceive life or at the very least, give you some food for thought. Think of it as a 'Make In India' initiative.

  1. Let's throw a bone to the fitness enthusiasts with BeerBiceps!

Image Courtesy: Ranveer Allahbadia on Instagram

A channel run by the extremely motivational Indian youth influencer, Ranveer Allahbadia,  this is the go-to channel for not only fitness enthusiasts(as is evident from the name) but all those millennials seeking to improve their lives with the help of quality content. With over 2.5 million subscribers, the channel comprises engaging videos ranging from straightforward home workout routines to men's grooming techniques and product reviews. This multi-faceted Youtuber also dabbles in lifestyle and will undoubtedly keep you entertained with his frequent informative updates!

  1. Dress it up and dress it down with Komal Pandey

Image Courtesy: Komal Pandey on Instagram

Komal Pandey's mix-&-match videos and confidence hacks are sure to make you a fashionista. Be it styling herself through eastern and western trends or wearing a scarf eight ways around her head, this fashion icon's close-knit family, just shy of a million followers, swear by her dressing sense and lifestyle! Though the updates are not the most frequent, the notably admirable and spot-on content more than makeup for her lack of regularity.

  1. And here is a Fit Tuber teaching you to be fit inside and out!

Image Courtesy: Fit Tuber on Twitter

While most fitness enthusiasts rely on workouts and physical activities to stay fit, Fit Tuber talks about being healthy inside out. A substantial following of over 2.8 million subscribers is no mean feat!  With a motto of "Fitness is not a destination, it's a way of life", his youtube channel should be your destination to feel good whilst on your journey to becoming fit. His updates are super frequent and are always keeping up with current scenarios to ensure that you are at all times equipped with the necessary accessories to stay healthy.

  1. It is easy to do it all with Sejal's help

Image Courtesy: Sejal Kumar on Instagram 

Sejal Kumar's take on putting together outfits from scratch is just the hack you need to match your mismatched wardrobe! Be it a workday or a weekend trip, this enthusiastic lady has got it covered for you! Join her wonderful tribe of over 1.2 million subscribers and learn how to simply DIY! With regular updates and constant fashion tips, this Youtube influencer's channel is the go-to place for all things related to fashion and lifestyle.

  1. Trouble in Paradise? Mayuri is here for you. 

Image Courtesy: Mayuri Pandey on Youtube

It doesn't matter if you've got issues in your existing relationship or if you have trouble in getting into one, Mayuri Pandey's videos tell you all that you need to know about relationships and offer much-needed advice on how to make it or break it in this rat race of life. With a background in sociology, Youtube influencer has solutions for every problem related to social life, emotional well-being, and personal relationships. Updating content twice a week, we can rest assured know that she’s got a lot of love to give. And advice. Definitely advice.

Make the best of the curated lineup by following these young and influential Indian YouTubers today!

Do you still want guidance on other topics that haven't been covered in the content of the aforementioned YouTubers? Have I accidentally missed out on your favorite fashionista or good-looking hunk? Do let me know in the comments section below!



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