5 Hindi Playlists To Listen To In The Gym

India is now in its fifth phase of lockdown, and with the number of relaxations being introduced, one would like to believe that the end is near. This will surely be a piece of good news for some of you fitness freaks who cannot wait to hit the gym after months of complaining about how your ­body is out of shape. Your new trainers and workout costumes are staring at you from the closet, while you dream about weight lifting. But wait, your new-found vigor would not make it through the next set of bench press without the company of right music feeding your mind during the struggle. Not to worry, we got you!

We have curated a list of 5 energetic playlists for you to listen to in the gym, which will not only urge you to start pumping but also assist you to make it through the grind.

  1. Put Your Best Foot Forward

You might be a novice or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, either way, you need to start your work out with the right mindset and on the right note. Choosing the apt playlist for your first set of reps can establish the flow for the remaining part of your workout routine.

Here is a Bollywood workout playlist to set your tempo. Don't shy away from grooving a little while working out to these enthusiastic beats!

  1. Mix and Match

Are you feeling determined or restless and unmotivated? The monotony of the same playlist is raining on your parade while you're on to your fifth rep for the day? Add a extensive variety of music to your playlist to match your spirit. Mix it all up, play with the music, and blend it to get rid of the redundancy.

From high energy to slow-paced songs, this playlist is a winner and has a song for your every whim.

  1. Up Close and Personal

Have you ever resonated with a song so much that it takes you back to a joyous time in your life and brings back all the congenial memories? Studies show that listening to songs which you associate with a happy memory enables you to utilize the positivity to work out with newfound inspiration.

This playlist by Filtr, India comprises all the songs which will help you relive the happy moments whilst encouraging you to work out.

  1. It’s All in The Beats

Choosing the appropriate music with the right beats can influence you to utilize your stamina in a more resourceful manner. To step up your workout game choose upbeat music which can propel your weight lifting and other self-paced routines to a whole new level. 

  1. Motivate Your Mind

The playlist you choose can either drive you or demoralize you. To intensify your workout, selecting the right kind of playlist is essential as it can increase your productivity. It is easier to get through the grind when your mind is inspired and motivated.

Add this stimulating playlist to your indefatigable workout routine and transpire yourself to a parallel universe.

Studies have shown that motivational music helps in encouraging productivity and enhancing athletic prowess. Use the lockdown time wisely and generate your ideal playlist for the next time you hit the gym! Share this article with all your friends- some are eagerly waiting to go back to their dumbbells while others are novices and would love the companionship of music on their self-improvement journey.

Tell us about your favourite playlist to listen to while sweating it out in the gym in the comments below!


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