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India has a bubbling number of about 2 billion people and that’s a LOT of diversity. And when it comes to men... let’s just say that there are too many and they are literally everywhere!
Now these male descents from this beautiful country are really interesting works of art by nature and women are totally attracted to them. Don’t you want to know why?
So here we’ve rounded up some of the compelling facts as to what makes these Indian men appealing to women. And if you are an Indian, I’m sure you’re just dying to read more.
Just go on-dive in to find out more!
#1 Indian men have amazing eyes
One of the best things about Indian men is their dark eyes. They are way attractive and damn expressive. And the girls just love em.
They truly possess a God-given talent of revealing their emotions just through their compelling dreamy eyes. One look at their eyes and... Snap! You just know what is going on in their minds.
It’s so easy to feel the love or watch the display of their emotions just through those eyes .
#2 They possess a great smile
Charming smile. Crinkled eyes filled with mischief. Maybe a cute dimple peeking at you from the cheek. Contagious laughter that sets you off too.
These men just fill you with warmth and make you feel sooooo good when they just genuinely smile at you. They make you want to open up and just have  a good time with them.
Women love a man with a great smile.
#3 They are strikingly handsome
Groomed Indian men have such an elevated level of attractiveness.
Be it their cologne, their beautiful dark straight hair or their trimmed stubble, their radiating  smile , bright eyes, thick dark eyebrows or  even their dressing style… there is something about them that girls just find attractive and utterly desirable . That being said, we come up with the next things that girls love about them - their dressing style.
#4 The way they dress
Being from India, these men look really good in their clothes. From desi festival suits, ethnic dhotis, colourful turbans to well fitted western suits ; an interesting assortment of clothes are a part of their wardrobe.
Festivals are the best way to see them at their ethnic best. Adorned in their traditional wear, they hold a special look of elegance and sophistication. When they are in formals, they look so confident.
They attract a lot of attraction and look really great in what they wear.
#5 They are awesome animal lovers
Have you ever seen a man playing with his dog? It is such a cute sight. You totally see his playful demeanor when he throws the stick for the dog to catch, his caring nature when he pets his dog or tickles it behind the ears. The love for his pet is just so apparent and women just love the kind of attention he displays.
Now let me tell you, Women are attracted to animal lovers  . They see such men as caring, loving and nurturing. This is totally a bonus for you dear Indian man!
#6 They have a great sense of humor
Women love funny guys. From one-liners to deadpan ones, from ironical to anecdotes, from local wala jokes to standard stuffs, Indian men do have good jokes up their sleeve that could lighten up any day. Native-style memes are really viral and these people own a rich diversity in them.
Besides they absolutely love making people laugh and are often good comedians at parties and get-togethers. What’s to say that they can’t make a girl laugh?
#7 They are career & family oriented
His social status, home, the car he drives, it all talks about the kind of man he is, and let me tell you, Indian men know exactly what they want in life. Right to the last dot.
You know, an Indian man has an amazing sense of direction in his life. Throw him into the darkest times and he will grab it by the horns and come out quite successful.
Indian men are career-oriented. Add family-oriented to that.
Children are quite important to every Indian man. He wants to watch them grow, spoil them, cater to their needs and be proud about his kid’s achievements. And he wants a wife who will help him create that nurturing environment.
Remember us talking about these men being family oriented? Well, family is one thing that every Indian man aspires. Women really find men who can provide and raise a family quite attractive and this is so true about any Indian man.
#8   They are intelligent and responsible
Women find intelligence very attractive. . And intelligence is exactly what these men are stocked in. Be it about current affairs or to fix stuffs around the house, they are the perfect go-to-for-help! And they are pretty helpful too.
They can also hold very interesting conversations that the time just wizz by. They know about most stuffs under the sky and the way they talk is mesmerizing.
These men happen to be very responsible too. You know, in India the social conditioning is such that each individual is very competitive. Driven and goal oriented; they are simply the best at what they do and are highly responsible at it too.
#9   They understand the importance of family values
Family values are very important to Indian men. They possess a default in their settings that moves them to keep them intact. They were just …raised like that you know.
Moms are the apple of their eyes. They respect their dads a lot. They keep good connections with their siblings. And who is to say they won’t respect their girls’ parents too?
And so they make perfect boyfriends…dads…hubbies..Etc  in the eyes of a girl. After-all which girl doesn’t like a family man? hmm?
#10   They are more emotionally connected to their loved ones
This is undeniably true! They  are brought up in a way that they are emotionally connected to their family. This makes them more open as compared to most men.
Girls love a man who they can bond with them on an emotional level. It develops so much of trust and pushes any relationship to a whole new level. That my dear, is everything to a girl.
#11   They are great listeners
Having grown in households where they’d provided for their sisters ( cousins included) and mothers, these men are amazing listeners- and get this… they even remember what was said!
It may seem simple but a man who is a good listener is insanely attractive to women .This is one quality that makes them stand out among other men. After-all who doesn’t need a friend to open up to?
So, there you are . Now you know what girls find attractive about Indian men.
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