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Do you ever wonder how to look flawless and slay every time you dress-up? Dressing elegantly doesn’t only attract girls but everyone around you helping you make a great impression on people without much effort. The secret to good looks is to wear only what suits you! Don’t just wear anything and expect to pull it off.

Sounds complicated? Let us simplify it for you in layman terms. Dodge these 10 fashion faux pas and thank us later! Follow our expert advice and we promise you, you will never get labeled as 'that guy' again!

  1. Don’t buy ready-made suits.

Ready-made suits don’t always fit well. There are chances of them looking baggy or awkwardly-tight thereby, giving you a dire look. Get your suit stitched according to your weight and height by a reliable tailor with good recommendations. Go rock that formal look, now!

Still, baffled? Watch this straightforward vlog by Ranveer Allahbadia (a.k.a Beer Biceps) to get your classy suit tailored in easy steps.

  1. Avoid oversaturated shirts.

Do not wear very bright or intensely saturated shirts. You might think you're making a fashion statement. On the contrary, the bright colors would make you look clumsy and out of place. Wearing under saturated or light-colored shirts is always better. Play it safe and look chic!

  1. Don't wear loose pants.

Loose pants give you a sluggish look and the impression of an old-fashioned person. Wear fitting pants (they make you look taller, Bingo!) but make sure they are not tight. If you’re skinny, avoid skinny fit pants unless you want to be compared to a hockey stick. Similarly, for a healthier person, it would be preferable to evade fitting pants, instead wear regular straight fit pants.

  1. Don’t wear jeans with blazers.

Once upon a time high in fashion, jeans with blazers are overdone and a big No!

Wear chino pants instead or a suit set. Ideally, try matching the trousers' color to the jackets' color and Voila! You are a classic!

  1. Your athleisure wear should not be too tight or too loose.

Too tight clothing makes you appear like a wannabe Superhero at the gym (I’m sorry!) while your stubborn side bits will make you look unattractive. Whereas too loose clothing enables you to look short and cloddish. The best solution is to maintain a balance between the two sides. Wear fitting clothes which are comfortable to work out in too!

  1. Stop wearing different shades of the same color together.

The same color successions are completely unacceptable. We apologize for bursting your bubble, but they look terrible! Always wear contrasting colors i.e. dark with the light. One can never go wrong with simple combinations like black-white, blue-brown, green-white, brown-white, black-brown, the list is unending. Leaving a wonderful impression is guaranteed with these smart fusions!


  1. Don’t wear big checked shirts.

Elude wearing big multi-colored checked shirts unless you want to look obsolete. Wear small, subtle, and uniform colored checks and you surely won’t regret it. Checkmate, my friend!

  1. Don’t wear squared toe shoes.

An outdated fashion trend, the style of squared toe shoes is done and dusted! Follow the latest craze and wear curved, pointed shoes, for instance, loafers, sneakers, brogues, monk strap, lace-up, and full patent shoes. Stay up-to-date folks!

  1. Never wear slippers/sandals on a formal outfit.

It’s a big turn-off! It is a known fact that your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Flip-flops/sandals are meant to wear on beaches and informal events. Don't get lazy, wear formal shoes on formal occasions to complete the handsome look!

  1. Avoid wearing big digital watches.

Big digital watches are a part of history now. Wear slim belt watches, they are in vogue! Even broad metal watches work if worn tastefully. Casual sporty watches could add the charm to your looks as well!

 In conclusion, we’d say that you need to stay up-to-date and keep up with the latest fashion trends. Follow our pro-advice and light up whichever room you walk in!

 Did you realize the frequent niche mistakes you were making, now? Let us know if this fashion guide helped you in improving your dressing style in the comment section below!



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